Saturday, 11 April 2009


Going for a wee trip round the north coast of Scotland for a few days! Hopefully I'll come back inspired and with plenty of photos :) Looking to design a new bag for spring/summer, something funky and for tartan. . .


Anonymous said...

Hola, me llamo Néstor y soy de las islas canarias, (España).
Te hablo usando el traductor de idiomas del Google, que es muy malo... pero menos es nada.
Me parece muy bonita las telas de tu tierra, (tartanes, ¿no?)aunque he leído que son menos antiguas de lo que se dice.
Es bueno que los pueblos conserven su cultura... Demasiada globalización produce desarraigo, y eso es malo.
Saludos escocesa.
Hello, my name is Nestor and I'm from the Canary Islands (Spain).
I speak to you using the Google language translator, which is very bad ... but less is nothing.
It seems very nice fabrics of your land, but I read that old are less of what is said.
It's good that people retain their culture ... uprootedness produces too much globalization, and that is bad.