Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Creations beginning again.

After a long summer of many little trips away to weddings and family holidays (my husband is a teacher and I work from home so we had the luxury of 6 weeks together) I didn't get much done so im enjoying going back to basics and playing with colour and stitches to see where it takes me. Hopefully this little guy will be part of a very cute dress/tunic to be worn with leggings.
A lot of people wouldnt complain about being away from home so much for summer but I feel totally out of practice now and like I've missed the busiest season! Anyone else feel the same? Or did summer bring time and inspiration to you?

Monday, 17 August 2009


I've been away all summer and not got much done in the way of sewing! :( Finally finished my sisters cardigan though and I'm quite proud of it - it has 5 teacup buttons and 1 teapot button at the top! Also the crochet round the neckline and sleeves is just plain sweet :) Love love love it.