Wednesday, 29 October 2008

mmm strawberry

Once again I have completed a bag and it is my all time favourite - does that happen to everyone?! I always find when I finish a project its my best yet - but I guess that's a good thing because it means I'm improving, yes?

I completed my Strawberry Whip Shoulder bag today, with tasty plum lining. There is another Strawberry whip on its way with a striped lining instead as I couldn't decide between the two.

For now though, I am pooped. I need a break as I've been in this uncomfortable chair for far too many hours today. A good cup of tea is called for and maybe even a biscuit seeing as I've been so good.

Till I blog again... x

Saturday, 11 October 2008

I'm loving the latest arrival to my wee bag designs - it still needs some work but it's so cute to hold and put things in. I haven't designed much else lately but I will let you in on a secret - I'm awaiting some tartan from the postman so I can get started on a winter coat design!!

I've started out on, it's a fab website where crafters and designers of all shapes and sizes can sell their work.

It's great also for the community aspect of it as you can chat and join forums with others, but considering more than half of the members live in America they're awake when I'm asleep and I'm asleep when they're awake it's not my favorite area.

Having said that though it is quite funny joining chats at 10 in the morning here when it is some hideous hour of the night there and they are all telling amusing nonsensical anecdotes. he he :)