Friday, 5 December 2008

Hello Etsy Lovers!


Is anyone out there in love with etsy right now? I've sold two dresses and quite a few bags in the last fortnight and I'm loving it. All the etsians are so friendly and helpful and very very very creative - it's such an encouraging place to be.

I've had a couple requests for tartan bags (see fergus above) so I'll be making a few more of them in the next little while. Along with that I'll be sourcing new jersey jumpers to make the upcycled dress from because the first customer loved hers so much. I made it in a caramel colour and she looks fab in it. Its such a comfortable dress I never thought to wear it with heels but in her 'appreciation photo' she has matching caramel heels on and it looks great: elegant and uber-comfy - what more could you want!?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just came across this bag through the etsy showcase. Love your designs! By the way, where did you get that German sticker on the bottom of your blog? I want one, too!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi! Nice to find another Etsy seller in Scotland. I know Banchory really well as I have family there. I also went to Gray's although that was a while ago now.... lol.
Just wondering if you have joined Flickr? I run a group there called Handmade in Scotland. It's a nice place to show off photos of your work and get to know other Artists and Crafters from around Scotland.
Come and see us at
You can't blatantly advertise on Flickr but you can put a link to your Etsy shop in your profile and add pics of your lovely things to lots of groups.
Hope to see you there.
Kind regards, Aileen.