Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Needles are for sewing machines.

The first snow fell last week!! I couldn't believe my eyes - snow in October ... brrrr.

Thought I'd share that with you :)

I invested in some jersey yesterday and I'm now looking very much forward to making a winter tulip dress - no doubt it'll be something I'll want to keep for myself but I'm convinced it'll be posted on Etsy by next week.

To spur me on I am listening a lot to Imogen Heap right now, I've also been watching her video blogs - she works extra super hard everyday but loves what she does so she's always really bouncy and happy - it makes me smile. Sad but true. She also wears clothes she buys on Etsy so I like her even more for that :D

On a less happier note though, I have the dentist today and it's going to involve a needle - eeep! Needles should only be attached to my sewing machine not me!!